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about herbivore.

Born and raised in the heart of Yorkshire, Herbivore aims to deliver tasty meat-free burgers, bangers, and more, to the Great British public.

As specialists in the food industry, Ian and Andy saw that the range of plant-based dining options offered in the hospitality sector was often bland, limited and out-of-touch with the needs of non-meat eating consumers. With Herbivore, they set out to change the face of meat-free dining for the better, supplying restaurants, pubs and hotels across the UK with their mouth-watering vegan products.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic saw the hospitality sector change drastically, and Ian and Andy were concerned that diners didn’t miss out on the meals they’d enjoyed while out and about. And so, in 2020, Herbivore was opened to all with the launch of its online shop, allowing both connoisseurs and meat-free first-timers the opportunity to welcome the brand into their own homes.

If you haven’t found a meat alternative with the taste and texture you deserve, then prepare to be converted to Herbivore.


Meet Andy Dalton

Co-founder of Herbivore

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Co-founder of Herbivore



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